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VN1160 Motorcycle steering indicator driver IC

VN1160 Motorcycle steering indicator driver IC

Product Details:


Product Description

Motorcycle steering indicator driver IC


  • Internal integrated clock circuit with stable flicker frequency
  • Fixed 1.42Hz flicker frequency
  • One cycle load over current protection
  • One cycle load short circuit current limiting protection
  • One cycle chip shutdown protection
  • Self recovery function after protection
  • 150mΩ Typicaon resistance
  • Chip DC withstand voltage up to 56V, enhance system reliability
  • Flash controller compatible with existing two-wire interface design
  • Incandescent lamp capable of supporting total power 30W
  • SOT89-3and TO252-3packages

Typical applications

  • Motorcycle flash controller
  • Neon light controller
  • Alarm controller
  • Signa controller

Product Description

LD1207 is a speciaintegrated circuit used in motorcycle flash controller. The DC voltage up to 60V, greatly enhance the reliability of flash controller. The method is simple, greatly reduce solution cost, improve production efficiency, reduce the failure rate of products, improve product quality.

LD1207 is compatible with the existing line concatenation design, and can realize the flash control function only by connecting the power line of the turning lamp in a series, and the application is convenient.

The built-in LD1207 fixed frequency oscillator, and temperature compensation, perfect voltage compensation, guarantee system stilmaintain accurate flicker frequency in different application environments, uniform and stable. The overall performance of the flash controller system with respect to the separation of components common to achieve a qualitative improvement scheme.

LD1207 built-in multiple protection mechanism, in part to prevent abnorma application of flash controller and motorcycle related power supply line is damaged, and can automatically solve the protection used in return to normal after the upgrade. Flash controller reliability at the same time, reduce the probability of motorcycle repair.