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L497 Hall Effect Pickup Ignition Control IC

L497 Hall Effect Pickup Ignition Control IC

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The LD497 (analog L497) is an integrated electronic ignition controller for breaker less ignition systems using Hall effect sensors. The device drives an NPN external Darlington to control the coil current providing the required stored energy with low dissipation. A special feature of the LD497 is the programmable time for the recovery of the correct dwell ratio Td/T when the coil peak current fails to reach 94% of the nominal value. In this way only one spark may have an energy less than 94% of the nominal one during fast acceleration or cold starts.


Features Ordering Information

  • Direct driving of the external power darlington
  • Coil current charging angle(dwell) control
  • Program coil current peak limitation
  • Programmable dwell recovery time when 94 % nominal current not reached
  • RPM Output
  • Permanent conduction protection
  • Over voltage protection for external darlington
  • Internal supply zener
  • Reverse battery protection