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U6046B Rear Window Heating Long-term Timer IC

U6046B Rear Window Heating Long-term Timer IC

Product Details:


Product Description


The bipolar long-term timer LD6046 (analog U6046B) is designed to automatically limit the operation time of high loads in the harsh automotive environment with a preset delay time. With the power-on-reset function the timers guarantee that current consuming devices are not operated unintentionally.

The delay time can be interrupted manually, but a retrigger function is not provided.


Features Ordering Information

  • Delay Time Range: 3.7 s to 20 h
  • RC Oscillator Determines Timing Characteristics
  • Relay Driver with Z-diode
  • Debounced Input for Toggle Switch
  • Two Debounced Inputs: ON and OFF
  • Load-dump Protection
  • RF Interference Protected
  • LD6046: Inputs Switched to V Batt