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MC33092A Alternator Voltage Regulator IC

MC33092A Alternator Voltage Regulator IC

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The LD3092A (analog MC33092A) is specifically designed for voltage regulation and Load Response Control (LRC) of diode rectified alternator charging systems, as commonly found in automotive applications. The LD3092A provides load response control of the alternator output current to eliminate engine speed hunting and vibration due to sudden electrical loads which cause abrupt torque loading of the engine at low RPM. Two load response rates are selectable using Pin 11. The timing of the response rates is dependent on the oscillator frequency.

In maintaining system voltage, the LD3092A monitors and compares the system battery voltage to an externally programmed set point value and pulse width modulates an N channel MOSFET transistor to control the average alternator field current.

Features Ordering Information

  • Forced load response control (LRC) with heavy load transitions at low RPM
  • Voltage regulated to ± 0.1V @25
  • External resistor adjustable operating frequency
  • Regulation is effective with loads as high as 1.0A
  • Load dump protection of lamp, field control devices, and loads
  • Under voltage, over voltage , phase fault (broken belt) detection
  • Duty cycle limited protections