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355-ND1 Metal Proximity Detector PCB Board

355-ND1 Metal Proximity Detector PCB Board

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Product Description

Introduction: Designed various PCB circuit boards for various models of metal close-close.

  • 355-ND1 5.08*19.05 Three-wire NPN normally off (single lamp) 70mA
  • 355-NT1 5.08*19.05 Three-wire NPN normally on (single lamp)  70mA
  • 355-ND2 5.08*24.64 Three-wire NPN normally off (single lamp)  1A
  • 355-NT2 5.08*24.64 Three-wire NPN normally on (single lamp)  1A
  • 355-PD2 5.08*24.64 Three-wire PNP normally off (single lamp)  1A
  • 355-PT2 5.08*24.64 Three-wire PNP normally on (single lamp)  1A
  • 355-ND3 8.51*19.05 Three-wire NPN normally off (single lamp) 1A
  • 355-NT3 8.51*19.05 Three-wire NPN normally on(single lamp) 1A
  • 355-PD3 8.51*19.05  Three-wire PNP normally off (single lamp) 1A
  • 355-PT3 8.51*19.05  Three-wire PNP normally on (single lamp) 1A