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Mc 33193automotive Led Direction Indicator Ic

Mc 33193automotive Led Direction Indicator Ic

Product Details:

  • Supply Ability : 100000 Per Day

Product Description

Mc 33193automotive Led Direction Indicator Ic 


The LD33193 is a new generation industry standard Flasher ASIC. It has been developed for enhanced EMI sensitivity, system reliability, and improved wiring simplification. The LD33193 is without lamp short circuit detection and using a 23m shunt resistor. The LD33193 has a standby mode of operation requiring very low standby supply current and can be directly connected to the vehicles battery. It includes an RF filter on the fault detection pin (Pin 7) for EMI purposes. Fault detection thresholds are reduced relative to those of the Flasher IC, allowing a lower shunt resistance value (23m) to be used. It can be used for LED lamp flasher. And the relay can be replaced with a transistor to achieve non-contact.




Tubed, Reeled, Pb-free


Tubed, Pb-free

Features Ordering Information

  • Defective Lamp Detection Threshold
  • RF Filter for EMI Purposes
  • Load Dump Protection
  • Double Battery Capability for Jump Start Protection
  • Internal Free Wheeling Diode Protection
  • Low Standby Current Mode