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TLE42794 Low-dropout fixed voltage regulator IC

TLE42794 Low-dropout fixed voltage regulator IC

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Product Description



LD42794 IC (analog TLE42794) is designed to create 5 V constant voltage with the dropout voltage of the not more than 0.5 V when the load current is 100 m and is used in power supplies of electronic equipment.

The IC has an internal limit of the maximum load current with over temperature shut- down. The IC is designed for use in automotive applications.

Features Ordering Information

  • The accuracy of the output voltage 2 % in the range of output currents from 100 µА to -100 mА and the input voltages from 6 to 18 V;
  • The accuracy of the output voltage 4 % in the range of input voltages up to 45 V;
  • Output load current up to 150 mA;
  • The input voltage range from 5.7 to 45.0 V;
  • Low current consumption;
  • Low drop voltage;
  • Reset function;
  • Sense (early warning);
  • Adjustable reset threshold;
  • Pins Figure
  • Built-in thermal protection;
  • Short-circuit protection by the implemented current limitation and has an integrated over temperature shutdown;
  • Reverse polarity to 42 V tolerance;
  • Suit for use in automotive electronics;
  • The operating temperature range of the chip is from - 40 to +125 °C;
  • ESD level is 2000 V.