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MC33035 Brushless DC Motor Controller

MC33035 Brushless DC Motor Controller

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Product Description



The LD33035 (analog MC33035) is a high performance second generation monolithic brushless DC motor controller containing all of the active functions required to implement a full featured open loop, three or four phase motor control system. This device consists of a rotor position decoder for proper commutation sequencing, temperature compensated reference capable of supplying sensor power, frequency programmable sawtooth oscillator, three open collector top drivers, and three high current totem pole bottom drivers ideally suited for driving power MOSFETs.

Also included are protective features consisting of under voltage lockout, cycle by cycle current limiting with a selectable time delayed latched shutdown mode, internal thermal shutdown, and a unique fault output that can be interfaced into microprocessor controlled systems.

Typical motor control functions include open loop speed, forward or reverse direction, run enable, and dynamic braking. The LD33035 is designed to operate with electrical sensor phasings of 60°/300° or 120° /240°, and can also efficiently control brush DC motors.

Features Pin Connections

  • 10 to 30 V Operation
  • Under voltage Lockout
  • 6.25 V Reference Capable of Supplying Sensor Power
  • Fully Accessible Error Amplifierfor Closed Loop Servo Applications
  • High Current Drivers Can Control External 3ˆ’Phase MOSFET Bridge
  • Cycle By Cycle Current Limiting
  • Pinned Out Current Sense Reference
  • Internal Thermal Shutdown
  • Selectable 60°/300° or 120°/240° Sensor Phasings Can Efficiently Control Brush DC Motors with External MOSFET H Bridg.