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VN1160 LD1130 Motorcycle flasher ASIC

VN1160 LD1130 Motorcycle flasher ASIC

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Product Description


Motorcycle flasher ASIC


The LD1130 is a dedicated chip for flash controllers for battery motorcycle. Only a 47uF capacitor (100uF 10V) is required to form a complete flash controller circuit, which greatly reduces the cost of the solution, improves production efficiency, reduces product failure rate, and improves product quality.


The chip is compatible with the existing line seria connection design, and only needs to be connected in series on the power supply line of the cornering lamp to realize the flash control function, and the application is convenient; the buzzer driving circuit is integrated inside the chip, and the external can directly drive the passive buzzer The system cost is reduced; the chip has a built-in fixed frequency oscillator, and has perfect temperature compensation and voltage compensation to ensure that the system maintains accurate flicker frequency (75 Hz) in different application environments and works evenly and stably. The overall performance of the flash controller system can be improved compared to the common discrete component solutions.


The chip has multiple protection mechanisms built in to prevent damage to the flash controller and related power supply lines on the battery car in some abnorma applications, and to automatically solve the protection after the application returns to normal. Improve the reliability of the flash controller itself, and reduce the probability of vehicle repair.





Tubed, Reeled, Pb-free


Features Ordering Information

  • Internal integrated clock circuit, flicker frequency is stable at 75Hz
  • Cycle-by-cycle load short-circuit current limiting protection
  • Cycle-by-cycle chip therma shut down protection
  • Self-recovery after protection
  • Only one capacitor of not less than 47uF is needed in the periphery
  • Chip DC withstand voltage up to 65V, improving system reliability
  • Compatible with existing flash controller two-wire interface design
  • Support direct drive passive buzzer